Rosemary Mazaika

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My name is Rosy. I am number seven in a brood of eight. I grew up in a small town in Pennsylvania where my brothers and sister, friends and I could run and play, swim and ride our bikes. It was safe. We were loved.

We didn’t have a lot money so my first bike was a hand me down…from one of the families in our church. I think my dad gave his friend 10 dollars for it. My first ride home…alone…from the other side of town…was exhilarating… and I was petrified. My dad had just spent 10 bucks on me…I better take care and get the bike home safe. I loved that bike…it was the first real thing I was responsible for.

This September I will ride with Team Airstream to support the efforts of the Children’s Center to keep children safe and let them know love. We owe them a chance to be kids…