Tony McDonnell

Our Incredible Support Team



As a former Oregon resident, I look forward to spending some quality time back in “God’s Country” for a very special and important cause. Cycle Oregon impacts many communities, organizations and individuals – including impact and support for the Children’s Center. It’s the support for the Children’s Center and its Executive Director that brings me back.

All children deserve a loving, learning and supportive environment. The Children’s Center brings awareness and support for children who are marginalized and experience sustained abuse. Kids don’t deserve that and if a “cycle” event can bring awareness and support that will break that “cycle”, I am pleased to play a small role of support.

I also know that this event is about bringing friends together and I look forward to joining Executive Director of the Children’s Center, Tom Soma for the ride. Tom and I have been long-time friends since 1971. We’re a couple of “broken down” runners but we know how to ride in style. And you can bet that whatever conversations occur in the Airstream, stay in the Airstream…