Hannes Kraetschmer AKA: Pacemaker



As a child, biking was my favorite outdoor sport, and I have fond memories of my parents taking me along on biking vacations. As an adult, I switched the two wheels for running shoes and was an avid runner for quite some time before a knee injury brought me back to this wonderful sport. Road biking is a great way to experience peace and serenity of all the different landscapes of the great Pacific Northwest and it gets you way further than running. After years of practicing on my own, I was looking for a new challenge and happened to learn about Cycle Oregon and the great experience people had on Team Airstream in the past. I am particularly excited about once again joining Team Airstream, which is supporting the Children’s Center. As a dad, issues concerning children are close to my heart and I am very motivated to raise funds for children who are not growing up in healthy, supporting families.