Ian Harnish AKA: Wheels




I love riding bikes. Fundamentally, it’s a lot like life. If you stop pedaling, you will fall over. And, the harder you pedal, the more you benefit. For most of us, one of the biggest and most important days of our childhoods was learning how to ride a bike. The sheer pride, the joy, elation, and oh… the freedom! As H.G. Wells said, ‘ Every time I see an adult on a bicycle, I no longer despair for the human race.’ Truer words never said.

A bicycle represents hope, which is why I am riding in support of the Children’s Center. I can’t imagine riding for a more important reason. Hope for the lives of children who have been abused, and the chance for them to reclaim their childhood and live a life of joy and freedom. Thank you for the consideration of your support, and see you on the road!